Michael Myers Coming To DEAD BY DAYLIGHT

Notorious horror film icon Michael Myers is making his way into Dead By Daylight in a special Halloween update. RPS reports the serial killer will be part of the multiplayer game that puts four teens trying to escape a killer in different settings. Game producer Mathieu Cote couldn't contain his excitement about the update...

“We had talked at the very beginning about licensed killers [and] survivors, because obviously we’re so inspired by general culture and popular culture and things like that. A lot of people were screaming for all their favourite movies and franchises to be folded into our game,”

In addition to Myers, players will also be able to control survivor and protagonist to Halloween Laurie Strode and run across a new map. The map will be free to all players. No other details have been given as far as the perks each character will have for the game, but it appears that news is coming in the next couple weeks. Right now I'm just excited to see Michael Myers in a video game!