Miyamoto: Nintendo Kept NX Out Of E3 In Fear Of "Imitators"

Shigeru Miyamoto tells investors the NX was not shown at E3 2016 for fear of imitators stealing the idea and developing their own system to market. Polygon writes that, according to translation, the NX is being kept under wraps to prevent the competition from having plenty of time to copy and develop the concept for their own platforms. From reading that statement, I can assume two things.

  1. Nintendo REALLY needs NX to work.
  2. Miyamoto thinks the NX innovation is Wii level of innovative

That second one will bring a scoff to many reading this, but let's face facts, Wii changed gaming during it's life cycle. It brought gaming back to a mainstream audience and what Nintendo lost in hardcore gaming (which they really didn't because so many complained about never playing the Wii they bought) they gained in elderly, young children, and a whole demographic of people who had been excluded from gaming leading up to then.

You can say the Wii sucked but it didn't stop both Xbox and Playstation from creating their less than successful knockoffs (Move and Kinect).

We know a little about NX, but what little we know only makes people question exactly what we are finally going to see when it's unveiled more. So far we know that the controller will double as a screen but will be much smaller and almost mobile phone like. This device will also allow people to play console games on the go. There's also been whisperings that cartridges may be on their way back to the system.

Whatever the NX turns out to be, it sounds like it's going to be unlike anything the console industry has seen to this point. Whether that will be a good or bad thing remains to be seen.