Modder Makes $4,000 A Month Making Sex Mods For THE SIMS 4

There's a modder right now who's banking $4,000 a month to create sex mods for The Sims 4. We're not talking about the kind of silly stuff like the picture I put above either, we're talking about some really hardcore stuff. Seriously, I went to his site wondering how graphic sex in the Sims can be. Let's just say it's on a porno level of crazy!

Of course, these donators are people who wish to see TurboDriver (modder) add more stuff that may skate on the fringe of fetish and weird stuff like sex with ghosts and things of that nature. I'm curious just how long this guy can make a living off this work? If you're trying to see just how crazy this is...or just want to check it out click here. If you want to check out his Patreon and donate...go here

Source: Kotaku