MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD Gets Taken Down in China A Few Days After Release

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The highly-successful game Monster Hunter: World was recently released in China via Tencent’s PC gaming platform, WeGame. However, a few days after it was released, Tencent had to pull the game out due to regulators in China having to cancel its license after receiving multiple complaints. 

China’s regulators would often require Western games to be slightly altered to Chinese standards before being released in the market. Games such as PUBG were deemed too violent that Tencent had to make changes in the game to ensure that it follows Chinese socialist values. The complaints with Monster Hunter: World were not revealed by the company but the Financial Times reported that it wasn’t about content issues at all. 

A source told the Financial Times that Monster Hunter: World is a victim of bureaucratic tensions. China has recently appointed a new regulator, which resulted in numerous mobile games pending for approval. It was not clear why the regulators would immediately revoke the Monster Hunter’s license, but IHS Market analyst Chenyu Cui said that Tencent “lost its good timing.” For now, players who purchased the game will be issued a full refund until August 20th. 

Why do you think Monster Hunter: World’s license in China got revoked? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Source: Engadget, The Financial Times

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