More People Play The Switch On Handheld Than On Television


Nintendo’s hybrid console has been flying off the shelves since its release earlier this year. In fact, the Japanese gaming giant is having a difficult time keeping up with demand these past few months especially as the holiday season is fast approaching. 

In a recent study conducted by Nintendo, it has been reported that among the console’s playing styles, the docked mode and the undocked mode, around 30 percent of users would prefer the latter for more than 80 percent of the time. This is slightly different from the 20 percent who would play in docked mode for more than 80 percent of the time. 


The statistic was gathered from usage data collected from Nintendo Account users playing while online. Although majority of people do not favor any single play mode and would instead interchange both during their play sessions. 

Personally, I prefer playing my Switch undocked due to its portability especially when I’m playing for short sessions at a time. I usually only use the docked mode when I need to charge the console and still want to play or when I’m just at home and plan to spend the afternoon with my Switch.

This is an interesting statistic that is very new to the industry since not many consoles offer two styles of playing as seamless as the Switch. Although not much can be extracted from this data, it still begs the question, is the Switch more enjoyable to play as a home console, a handheld device, or somewhere in between? 

Source: Eurogamer