New DESTINY 2 Teaser Trailer

As a follow-up to the Destiny 2 logo reveal, and as is now the trend, Bungie has released a teaser trailer for the Destiny 2 trailer. The teaser appropriately titled, "Last Call", opens the scene in a bar as the setting where Cayde-6 tells a story whilst sipping on a drink, as he continues and the camera pans out we see that mayhem is occurring all around him, and that the bar is gradually being destroyed by a group of guardians fighting some enemies. The teaser itself does not actually reveal much in regard to details of Destiny 2 and the most important part happens at the end where we get MARCH 30 at 10am PT | 6pm BST as the release date and time for the full trailer. 

Check out the teaser for Destiny 2 here: