Blizzcon 2018: DIABLO IMMORTAL for IOS and Android Devices Upsets Fans - I Still Have Hope!

DIABLO… Mobile?

I still have hope. I am still a huge DIablo Fan.. Today Blizzcon 2018 had a stellar opening ceremony rife with plenty of goodies, especially for Overwatch fans including a new hero and a fantastic reveal video. Even Warcraft III is getting a remaster which I don’t think anyone expected. Sitting and watching the reveal whilst playing a hands on preview of World of Warcraft Classic, I was in gaming and geek heaven. That is until the awkward final reveal of the ceremony was nothing other than… a mobile only version of my favorite series. That’s right folks, Diablo Immortal is exclusive to IOS and Android devices.


Seems odd for a series that started a PC Action RPG revolution right? Not to mention, we already have a Switch version that launched today for those who want a mobile experience. Do we really need a watered down version of Diablo III on the go on mobile devices? Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way as Blizzards own MVPs are outraged on the official forums. Trailers are being down voted. Forums are flooded with ‘Press F to pay respects’ to a dead series threads. Also, the panel got booed when they confirmed it was exclusive to mobile devices. Either way, the whole reveal and following Q&A where a fan actually asked “Is this an out of season April Fools Joke?” was awkward to say the least and left many confused and wanting.

Hands On Hack N’ Slash

As a fan for over 20 years, despite being crushed and confused by this announcement, I ran over to the demo stations and sure enough, the demos were being presented on large screen android phones. The game demo was limited to four local players in a confined area with just three classes. The skills were simplified to a few icons. Overall, the game controls fine and graphics look great for a mobile game but make no doubt, this is a watered down, mobile phone version of Diablo 3 through and through complete with the exact same classes. Skills are simplified, graphics are bright and flashy but low res.

What is most confusing though is when presenting the new title, the Diablo dev team said it as a full entry to the series, falling between the second and third games, rife with lore and new lands but it is what it is: a flashy and high budget yet casual, mobile game. Nothing more, nothing less. Here’s hoping something else besides this game is in the works for this series as besides this reveal, the whole Blizzcon schedule was absent of anything else Diablo related.. All said and done, I still have hope in Blizzard and the series! Please, Blizzcon 2019, Diablo 4 for PC…