New Legendary Pokemon comes to POKEMON GO!

image from  bulbapedia

image from bulbapedia

Pokemon Go, that game that everyone flocked to for a couple months before realizing the sun was too bright, has released the newest legendary Pokemon out into the world. This time it is Rayquaza who comes from Pokemon's Hoenn region. The snake/dragon-like Pokemon originally appeared in Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire.  From February 9th to March 16th trainers from all walks of life will be able to attempt to catch Rayquaza in raid battles all around the world. 

Additionally, there will be several new dragon and flying type Pokemon joining the legendary creature for the first time starting today. The reason they are doing this? Because there are now over 100 Pokemon available from the Hoenn region that you can catch in the game. To celebrate this fact PokemonGo is making every Pokemon encountered from now until February 13th one you would originally find in the region, then on February 14th, the currently available legendary Kygore (which is a water-type Pokemon) will leave completely. So if you are looking to catch Kygore it's best to start sooner rather than later. 

To help players gain access to raid battles in their cities there will be special boxes available for purchase in the in-game store. The boxes will contain Raid passes, Incubators, and Star Pieces to help players attempt to catch this new and exciting Pokemon.

Though I slightly mocked the game earlier here, I actually am happy that Niantic has delivered on its promise to not only improve the game but to continually add constant updates so that those who still play the game on a regular basis have new and exciting things to do when they venture forth into the world. 

Do you still play PokemonGo? Do you think it's still worth getting back into after all the changes made from its initial release? I would love to hear your thoughts!