New PS4 Theme Will Take You Back To Good Old PS2 Days

Truant Pixel have just loaded a new video on their youtube channel that is rather exciting for those of us old enough (ahem) to remember the PS2. The video features a new PS4 theme that is reminiscent of the old PS2 theme, sounds and pictures and all. It is called the Legacy Dashboard Dynamic Theme, and according to the description under the video:

We are pleased to bring you this theme, created with input from SIE US, Japan, and Naughty Dog

It will be released in US and EU PlayStation Stores on December 6. Here's a behind the look video on how the dynamic theme was made, if you are technically minded and interested in such things

It is always great to have a throwback to previous generations, if only for that nostalgic feeling. I remember receiving my PS2 in 1998 when I was 18 for Christmas, and buying Soul Blade as the first PS2 game. My PS2 still sees the light of day, as my son has inherited it and plays some of my old games. I am proud to say it was never chipped, not even now, and still plays wonderfully.

It doesn't match the power of the PS4 though, and I am glad this theme was developed for the current generation gamers. What about you? Will you be downloading it on day 1? Or which themes would you prefer seeing them develop? Let me know in the comments.


Source: Truant Pixel Youtube