New Study Finds Teens Think Xbox Is Cooler Than PlayStation

What are the kids doing these days? Playing Xbox if you're to believe this new study from Google. On a survey of the coolest brands for kids ages 13-17 Xbox came in 4th with Sony taking the 5 spot right behind them. If you're curious what they lost to the answer is YouTube, Netflix and Google. These kids and their YouTube I tell ya...

Weirdly enough, the 18-25 crowd flip-flopped and put Sony over Xbox which I'm not entirely surprised by, but it's odd to see the fanbase divided by an age gap. Especially when you consider the kids on the low end of the 18-25 crowd grew up in the height of the Xbox era with the 360.

Nintendo didn't make the top 5 list for teens or millennials, but both Pokemon and Zelda made the list of top games. 

How do you feel about the youth of today? Do you think this data adds up?

Source: Google