New Trailer For VISAGE Brings Terror To New Hypes

The ever-growing first person, psychological horror genre that has become a popular one for developers has a great list coming forward! One of the most intriguing titles, Visage by SadsSquare Studio, has just released a new trailer that shows some seriously spooky scenes!

The little bit that we thought we knew about this game and what it would entail has just been raised to include various tools, and possibly even weapons. We may not be so defenseless after all! While watching this new trailer, you see the use of a crowbar, a chair, and a fire axe! Looks like you will have to use your surroundings as much as your wits to make it out alive!

This game looks fascinating and I can't wait for it to launch! If you would like to keep up with them, you can check out their Facebook and Twitter.

Here's the Latest Trailer: