Nintendo Bringing Back Their World Championship For Early October

Nintendo, the company outrageously out of touch with its actual eSports scene, is once again bringing back the Nintendo World Championships. While perhaps not an entirely competitive event, there are some reasons to pay attention to this year's event as the qualifiers for the event offer more fun than watching the actual event could be. 

Beginning August 19th, fans can travel to select Best Buy locations and compete in time trials for Mario Kart 7 for a chance to be invited to the Nintendo World Championships in New York City on October 7th. Those who hop over to those Best Buy's on the designated days will have a chance to play Super Mario Odyssey as well as Metroid: Samus Returns prior to their launch date, so there is some incentive to attend if you are a Nintendo fan. 

Check out the trailer:

I watched the NWC a couple years ago and was less than impressed with what I saw. Essentially, this is just a big marketing tactic for Nintendo to advertise their products and let YouTube personalities and randos from around the world compete in their new games. Still, the chance to play Super Mario Odyssey before launch is pretty great and worth the drive if you happen to live near any of these places so check it out!

Source: Nintendo