Nintendo Switch Online App Doesn't Let You Do Much Of Anything At The Moment

Nintendo Switch's Online App is live, but I'll be damned if there's a fun thing you can do with it. Check out the video below for a breakdown and continue reading below:

Just so we're all clear, if you aren't buying Splatoon 2, this app is no good to you for the moment. For whatever reason Nintendo didn't even add voice chat support for Mario Kart, let alone a party chat option where you can simply talk in a group with your friends outside of playing a game! That's pretty dumb considering all the competition allows for that, and it wouldn't have been that difficult of a function to add. Nintendo seems really adamant about pushing a terrible peripheral on its community that is, as of writing, straight garbage. Anyone else download the app yet? I'm seriously considering uninstalling right now because this app is just wasted space on my phone.