Nintendo Switch Will Have Record Feature, A Normal Friend System, And More

A reliable Nintendo leaker has revealed even more information about the Nintendo Switch ahead of their big reveal stream January 12th. Nintendo Life reports Laura Kate Dale appeared on streamer OBE1 Plays channel and soon joined him for a chat regarding unreleased details regarding the Nintendo Switch. Some of the important things discussed in the 30 minute call included...

  • The left Joy-Con controller has a record button. 
  • The Switch runs 3 hours undocked on maximum settings.
  • The Switch will charge via USB and it does not take long to get a full charge. 
  • Friend codes are gone and you'll finally be able to just add people like every other console.
  • Games like Overwatch and other "always online" titles will require tweaking if they are going to come to the console due to the portability of the system. 
  • Additional Joy-Con's and docks will be available separately. The docks will reportedly be "cheap" so I'm guessing Nintendo is wagering you will purchase multiple docks for different locations which is a cool concept. 

I'm happy to hear about the battery life and the USB charge system, but I'm really excited about the additional docks! Considering the console is technically in your hand, it would be cool to travel to family and plop your console down in a siblings dock to play on the television! I don't know why I think it's so cool, it's just a concept I never thought of before! 

I'm not incredibly worried about the news that Overwatch may not come to the console, nor did I expect an announcement saying as much. Once again none of this is confirmed but as someone who's followed Dale's leaks for the past year, she's pretty reliable on her information. Watch the video for some additional details and share your thoughts on the discussed features below!