NINTENDO SWITCH's Indestructibility Tested with a 1,000 Foot Drop

nintendo switch test

So here's a fun question... What do you do when you have so much money and time on your hands and you want to see just how indestructible your handheld gaming device is? I know that, when in anger at the controls for certain games, I've 'tested' the durability of my Dualshock controller by throwing it against the floor or wall. As if that would solve the game's pathetic control mechanisms, right?

Well, UnlockRiver decided to test it, and this was the outcome:

I'm not really sure what made someone want to test this. Most of us know that previous Nintendo products have been hailed as the most durable, but I definitely would not put this to the test if I ever got my hands on a Switch. What is ironically hilarious is that the screen scratches so easily, yet the device is hard to break.

Please, kids, do not try this at home....

Source: Kotaku

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