Noctis Has A Bad Vision In Crazy Cinematic For FINAL FANTASY XV

Bad things are in store for Noctis if this recent Final Fantasy XV cinematic is any indication. In the weird vision, we see the protagonist of the game go through many locales thinking he's the hero, only to discover he may also be the villain. It wouldn't be a Final Fantasy without internal struggle right?

If this game were judged on cinematic quality alone it's going to get a 10/10 from everyone who plays it. I know some fans aren't exactly thrilled about the Kingdom Hearts battle system being implemented, but I enjoyed what I've played of it, and I think this game is a day one buy for me no question. Maybe this trailer will sway you.

In other news, it was just announced that a 4 player multiplayer mode would be made available as DLC. "Comrades" will let players cooperate as Noctis and his bodyguards and will be included with the season pass, but no individual price has been announced. 

Final Fantasy XV comes out November 29th.