MINECRAFT Creator Notch Gets Burned for #HeterosexualPrideDay Tweet

Wow... just, wow. If you hunt down Notch's Twitter feed, you most probably won't find this tweet anymore. The only evidence left of this activity is the context of the remaining tweets  and Destructoid's quickpost mention of the day.

Notch might have deleted the tweet and attempted to silence it as quick as possible, but it doesn't mean the uprising and comments have died down. Under the Destroid post, readers quickly took to debating the matter and defending both sides. It even became racial, with discussions on whether white men were really the minority or majority.

I have some respect for the LGBT community, but as a straight male I've never even considered the likelihood of a Heterosexual Pride Day. So I went to Notch's twitter feed to see what prompted such a brave statement. Although that original tweet is gone, he continues to air his view through all the comments he received while defending himself.

Tweeter: Dude, Straight Pride is literally the other 364 days of the year. Notch: So is gay pride.
Notch reply to a deleted Tweet: Did you just assume my sexuality, you obvious arsonist?
Tweeter: Name one time a heterosexual was oppressed for being heterosexual. Notch: People get bullied for whatever quality bothers them the most.

He might have inflamed a community, but he got thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets, making me wonder if the retweeters got just so much hype. There were even some that regret buying Minecraft now and wanting their money back.

Mark my words: Expect a new Minecraft update coming soon whereby we will be getting LGBT skins and theme packs. 

What are your thoughts on his tweet? Are you just as impassioned to delete Minecraft from your gaming device? Or will you be playing it more than ever now?



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