Obi-Wan Kenobi Is Coming To Battlefront II November 28!

The famous Jedi Master and General Obi-Wan Kenobi is finally coming to EA’s Star Wars Battlefron II! coming as part of the Battle for Geonosis update, Obi-Wan joins the growing roster of prequel characters along with last months addition of General Grievous. Obi-Wan will be equipped with his signature skills of Push, Defensive Rush and Jedi Mind trick which disables the abilities and dodges of other heroes and soldiers! The Battle for Geonosis update will also include a new assault map bringing the famous AT-TE to the reboot franchise. In a recent interview on the thought process behind making the Battle of Geonosis DICE’s Senior Level Designer Peter Vesti Frendrup had this to say.

After we’ve decided on the planet, we dig deeper into what makes the specific location unique. What’s its main theme? What happened here? What do we want to see happen here?

Of course, we’re also looking at gameplay, as in what kind of gameplay we already have, and what do our players like and dislike. Then, we figure out how we can marry the location, the gameplay, and the narrative, and hopefully come up with something new as well!

I think in most people’s minds, Geonosis was a place where a huge conflict went down, with two evenly-matched armies clashing.

The experience of playing Geonosis shouldn’t be about a single player winning the objective for the entire team. It should rather feel like you’re being part of the largest battle yet, and you’re in it together with your team members on the frontlines. That’s been the number one focus for us.

Another thing that we’ve done to add to that sense of scale, was to focus on the AT-TE as a fully player-controllable vehicle. We’re going to have as many of them in the level as possible.

With everything show up to this point the Battle for Geonosis update looks like it will be a great addition to the content starved Star Wars Battlefront II. Do you still play Star Wars Battlefront II or have you moved on from the game long ago?