Official Anime For PERSONA 5 Premieres April 2018

An official trailer has appeared on the Aniplex YouTube that shows off the highly anticipated anime series for the well receieved JRPG from Atlus, Persona 5. The trailer shows off some interesting statistics on the game so far, such as the fact that there have been over two million copies sold worldwide.

The trailer looks pretty awesome and the art style is the same as what is featured in the game, so I am hoping to see that the story line remains the same. Check out the trailer and see for yourself:

While this isn't the first time we are hearing about this anime or that a well reviewed title is getting another feature, there is always caution in the wind when an adaptation of a game to show is being done. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing Persona 5 taken from the game set up style and brought to a view able experience in its own anime.

The date is currently said to be on April 7th specifically, but lets hope there aren't any set backs. Are you excited to see Persona 5 turned into an Anime?