Overwatch's Torbjorn Getting Nerfed On Consoles

If you play Overwatch on console, you'll be happy to know the reign of Torbjorn is coming to an end. Kotaku reports game head Jeff Kaplan says the mechanical goon will have his turret damage cut by around 30%. The news was originally released on an r/overwatch thread but the comment has since been removed. Here's what Kaplan said...

In an upcoming patch, we will reduce the damage done by Torbjörn’s turret by 30% on Xbox One and PS4. PC will remain unchanged...ETA - Mid to late July depending on 1st party certification times.”

The logic in nerfing the character on console as opposed to PC was primarily done because of accuracy. Mouse precision tends to be easier for players as opposed to the controller so the effect of the turret is further diminished when it comes to the PC crowd.

Makes sense to me, although I think this game would benefit from not allowing players to pick multiples of the same character simultaneously.