Parody: "Enthusiastic" Gamer Does An Unboxing Video

Here's a parody video that really sums up how I feel about unboxing videos as a whole! The Over Enthusiastic Gamer opens a few games, and while he may not live up to his title, his deadpan humor really hits the core of what is wrong with this phenomenon on YouTube. HOW IS THIS INTERESTING?!

Sure the other YouTubers are screaming and opening up instruction manuals and saying "OMG I LOVE THIS GAME" but at the end of the day, you're watching them open up a present. That's it. You aren't learning anything about the game, nor are you a part of the action, you're just a guy saying "oh cool they got something neat". The only time I enjoy watching someone open a present is when I gifted it to them, so why do people continue to watch these?!

Check out his video and maybe share it with a friend who's guilty of watching an unboxing video, because, at the end of the day, this is all they're really doing.