Phil Spencer Wants FORTNITE To Continue Allowing PS4/Xbox One Crossplay


As we reported a couple days ago, Epic Games was accidentally allowing PS4 and Xbox One owners to play online together in their game Fortnite and didn't even realize what they had done until it was pointed out.  Once it was discovered, Epic Games quickly moved to fix the problem, and now Microsoft's Phil Spencer has spoken out to say he wishes the company would've just let it be:

For those who have been following the crossplay discussions for the past year, this should come as no surprise. Spencer has been pushing for Sony and Microsoft to unify their online servers for 3rd party games for quite a while, and has even allowed some Microsoft games to crossplay with the Nintendo Switch. Of course, his motive in doing so is to help the Xbox One better compete against the PS4 in terms of sales, but when you're a gamer do you really care about the motive so long as it helps you?

In either case, with Sony opposed to any form of crossplay, it doesn't appear likely the company will take too kindly to Fortnite flipping the switch back on. Do you think we'll ever see a game that's truly cross-platform?

Source: Destructoid