Photos Possibly Allude To Mad Mikkelsen Appearing In Hideo Kojima's DEATH STRANDING

It appears Norman Reedus may not be the only celebrity featured in Hideo Kojima's mysterious Death Stranding. Rumors are swirling on the internet after IGN says the following photo was posted online by Kojima himself. 

That's a pretty vague picture, of course, so we can tell nothing from that. The story gets more interesting, however, as an Instagram user posted a photo with the actor Mad Mikkelsen who was wearing the exact same shirt as in the photo... 

Met this #maneater yesterday #punintended #banter #lechiffre #haniballecter #madsmikkelsen

A photo posted by Jonny Erskine (@jmerskine1) on

In the comments of his photo the users says that Mikkelsen said he was in town doing work for a video game. Seems a bit too on the nose for some internet sleuthing but I'll bite. It also helps the rumor is furthered fueled by Kojima's love for Mikkelsen as an actor...

So is it true? I'm still on the fence about how this information got out (was it detective work or a creative PR leak), but more signs point to yes than no at the moment.