Play Blindly Through THE VALE, An Eyes-Shut Audio-Based Video Game

Taking a whole different approach than any game has yet, Falling Squirrel is working on their next upcoming game The Vale. Set to release on Steam in August 2019, The Vale is a game that will feature a completely eyes-shut experience that will have players relying on their audio skills for guidance.

It is a unique take on the medieval action/adventure genre with story-depth. It will forego traditional visual gameplay and instead will utilize binaural audio technology and haptic controller feedback to create a deeply immersive world that brings high-caliber gaming to visually impaired and sighted gamers alike. Check out the trailer, which will show you what they mean by eyes-shut experience:

I love that video games are reaching the point that there are titles being made for gamers with different impairments and challenges in life. Knowing that there is a team out there making a game specifically focused on the blind gamers that will let both visually impaired and non-impaired players alike enjoy is a true step forward in the video game industry.

What do you think about The Vale bringing an eyes-shut audio-based experience?