Podcast: Kickoff Episode for NICK & MICK'S MONTHLY WRAP UP

Fable Legends cancelled. Hideo Kojima wanting Kurt Russel instead of David Hayter for Solid Snake (seriously??). Dragonball Z built in Unreal Engine 4. These and other topics are discussed as Mick Joest joins up with me, making his first appearance on GameTyrant Audio. Finally, a voice to his gorgeous face at last!

With our heads in the cosmos, our ears to the ground, our fingers on our keyboards, and microphones in front of our faces, we present Nick & Mick’s Monthly Wrap Up as an end-of-the-month recap and discussion on what went on these past few weeks in the world of gaming. 

Is Kojima justified in wanting to give Hayter the boot? Was Peter Molyneux partially responsible for the closing of Lionhead Studios? Should you try out Nads nose hair wax as Nick has described? See your doctor about it first because we are not responsible for any injuries that may take place in your nostrils or anywhere else. Discretion is advised when shoving hot wax up your nose.

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