Podcast—5 Timeless Video Game Soundtrack Gems: PART 3

In this third venture down the glorious and winding road of video games nostalgia, GameTyrant Audio is happy to bring you some old favorites ranging from the chiptune 8-bit era to the full blown orchestral music we started to hear when gaming started showing up on discs!

From Kingdom Hearts to Metal Gear Solid 2, join us on this sonic journey into the days of yesteryear and relive those moments of triumph and heartbreak—all courtesy of the very sounds that helped those experiences permanently take place in our memories as gamers! 

I may or may not have rudely interrupted a church lesson with the booming and gorgeous music of the intro to Metal Gear Solid 2. Also covered: The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is likely the primary source of recovery for me after I fell off a roof and could only crawl to the toilet for a couple of months. That and more in this new episode!

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