Popular Card Game STAR WARS DESTINY Gets 2 Player Bundle


This news is a little dated, but I felt guilty not letting the community know about an awesome deal for one of the hottest tabletop card games out right now! Star Wars Destiny is an easy to pick up, difficult to master fast-paced card game, and Fantasy Flight Games just launched a two player bundle for those who want to pick up the game to teach a friend.

If you don't have a friend to learn with, this bundle also allows you to own a Light side starter deck and Dark side starter deck at a discount as opposed to if you were to purchase them separately. I personally love playing the game, although the fact the game uses booster packs does make me wary of jumping full force into the gaming scene as I don't want to go broke.

Check out the simple rules of how to play in the video below, and hit the button after that to take advantage of this deal and get in on this fun game!

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