Pre-Orders Now Open For KINGDOM UNDER FIRE II! November Release Planned

One of my most anticipated games of all time, Kingdom Under Fire II, finally has a launch window! 11 years after its original announcement, Kingdom Under Fire II is now set to launch in western markets this November. Pre-orders for the game are now available through Gameforge’s online store. Three different versions will be available to grab with a low cost $29.99 edition, mid tier $49.99 edition, and a high tier $99.99 edition. Unlike many games published by Gameforge, Kingdom Under Fire II will not be adopting the free to play model, thank goodness! Each edition of the game will come with the full game and various bonuses per tier like exclusive titles and gold boosts.

While Gameforge is known for its extensive lineup of Free-to-Play games, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is the perfect candidate for a change to a Premium pricing model as we aim to provide an installment to the Kingdom Under Fire series that was worth waiting for. Gameforge is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand our portfolio and business models, with our focus on providing the best game experience possible for our player base. Once players get their hands on the game and the considerable amount of content already planned after the launch, we’re sure they’ll be pleased.
— Tomislav Perkovic, Chief Product Officer at Gameforge
Kingdom Under Fire 2 will offer an accessible and dynamic experience for many types of players. It will have higher drop rates and a more traditional RPG-centric gameplay balancing than found in many F2P titles, which we know some fans of the genre prefer. The Kingdom Under Fire 2 in-game store will only focus on optional cosmetic items and convenience items such as character mounts. We look forward to introducing this long-awaited addition to the franchise to western markets this November.
— Noemi Feller, Lead Product Manager for Kingdom Under Fire 2

If you would like to learn more about Kingdom Under Fire II be sure to check out my previous coverage of the game here! Seriously I can’t wait to finally get my hands on this game. I think a replay of the original Xbox titles is in order to prepare for November!

Are you excited for Kingdom Under Fire II?