Pro Soccer Team Manchester City Signs FIFA Pro Gamer Kez

In another large step for e-sports, one of England's biggest soccer organizations has signed a professional FIFA gamer. Gosugamers reports Manchester City has signed 18-year-old Kieran ‘Kez’ Brown to an undisclosed contract and will be sponsoring him for future events. Brown will be representing the team officially at events and making videos for their Twitch and Youtube channel. The move has sparked the interest of others who are now looking into doing the same for their respective clubs. Among those in consideration, Portugal's Sporting Libson club who Christiano Ronaldo once played for.

I love the idea, and hope it catches on here in America! What better way to capitalize on a growing brand than to include some of the established sports organizations? I know the NBA has been following the sport closer than most over here so perhaps we will start to see official teams popping up here soon.