The games for the Playstation Plus users for the month of June is one of the best lists! Big titles, Killing Floor 2 and Life is Strange, are not the only ones to be excited to add to your libraries though, because the Playstation Vita games, Neon Chrome and this fun, somewhat challenging puzzle-ish game Spy Chameleon, are both crossplay to PS4!

With the goal simply being to get from the start of the level to the end of the level and placing multiple variations of enemies and collectable flies, this game is a neat concept for another game featuring a reptilian main character!


The game is set up in a series of missions that all have some cliche or comical ending such as "The Portrait" in which you find a portrait after completing the missions fifteen levels. The tutorial for the game is in the levels as the new objective piece is shown in the game, making it really easy to learn how to complete the task of getting to the next room.

Every level got slightly harder and harder with a new enemy or tool, such as colored rugs that you can blend with to hide from detection, is added to help you get through more complex areas. It even gets to a part where the colored panels change and you will have to change along with it in order to stay hidden!

There are flies placed throughout each of the levels for you to collect; ten in total per level. After a level completion, you can go back through it and also collect the ladybug's that are unlocked; for you collectoholic gamers!

Then, probably one of the best challenges that would be worth going back through to beat is the speed challenge, in which each level has a time limit for you to race through the challenges! The game is not all that hard, even on the hard "RGB Agent" difficulty, but with a time trial to beat, the game easily becomes more complicated!

Here is some of my gameplay:


The graphic level of the game is, quite frankly, better than it needs to be. The gameplay style reminded me of another Vita game called Volume, except the detail put into this game shows off some care being put in to the game. While the Chameleon itself looks silly in its cartoon-style form, it matched the setting of the game.


The entire game was full of various forms of upbeat music which added to the playful feeling given from the visual quality of the game. The music always matched the settings, like when you were in the house and museum settings there was an upbeat, sneaky jazz tune playing. Excellent music choice for the game!


Once you complete a level, a second collectible is unlocked for you to get the next time you play the level and there is a harder difficulty, so there are some reasons to go back through and play this one again; not to mention the time trial challenge. However, I was a bit disappointed in the hard difficulty as it didn't prove to be much different than on normal when I went through the first two missions of the game.

What Could Be Better

The harder difficulty should have more challenges, or even be a different set of levels to be played through that don't include the tutorial and are simply harder levels. Also, the overall difficulty of the game had a good steady increase, but didn't reach it's full potential.


The game is fun, but not as difficult as I was hoping it would get to. I enjoyed my playthrough of the game and am likely to back to complete the time trial challenges myself, but was able to collect all the flies during my initial playthrough with little trouble. Excellent game that would be worth getting, but even better that it was a free game from Playstation! Thanks Sony!