PS5 Rumors: New Console To Use 8 Core Ryzen CPU


A new rumor has suggested a Ryzen based 8-core CPU will power Sony’s next console. This falls in line with previous rumors that have suggested the PS5 will utilize both Ryzen and Navi to power the next generation of gaming. According to RuthenicCookie, on the same thread they announced Sony would bail on E3, The PS5 will be a 4K 60 FPS capable console. RuthenicCookie has also stated that many developers are already equipped with PS5 dev kits. This falls in line with previous reports of Square Enix working on a PS5 title.

It is further suggested that the PS5 could launch as early as spring 2020 with a holiday 2020 release expected at a price of $499. Many of the games shown at this years E3 including Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding will also appear on the PS5 as launch titles. Backward compatibility with PS4 games is still a mystery at this time. RuthenicCookie would also suggest a small reveal for the console will come in 2019 with a full reveal happening at a larger PlayStation Experience 2019. From these rumors the PS5 sounds like a capable console that can easily beat many mid-range PC’s available today. As with all rumors take this information with the biggest grain of salt until they can be officially confirmed.