PSYCHONAUTS 2 is Coming and it Needs Your Help

Fifteen years ago Tim Schafer formed his company, Double Fine Productions, in order to build one wacky, colorful, stylistic 3D platformer for the Xbox. That game was the huge cult classic, Psychonauts. It saw some pretty good success on the console, and was even rated as one of the best games of the year on the original Xbox. But, the game's real explosion out of hipster game collections into major popularity came around four years ago when Double Fine got the rights to the game back and re-released it on a bunch of independent digital distributions spots. I'll admit, I didn't jump on back when it first came out. I know, that tarnishes my gamer street cred a bit. When it re-released on Humble Bundle however, I bought it up simply because all my really hip gamer buddies wouldn't shut up about it... and they were totally right!

Well now Schafer and his merry band of game builders are taking to the internet once more to fund the much anticipated sequel to the game! They are asking for $3.3 Million from contributors on a crowd funding site called Fig. As I'm writing this article it is over $500,000 and it hasn't even been up all day. Chances are, this game is getting made! So check out the goofy and endearing announcement trailer above and click the button below to go help be a part of gaming's favorite underdog.

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