Rare Releases Awesome Behind the Scenes Video From PERFECT DARK

For many, Goldeneye 64 was the definitive multiplayer first person shooter of the 64-bit era. I loved Goldeneye and I sunk many, many hours into playing it with my friends. However, for me, no game could beat its spiritual successor from Rare WarePerfect Dark. It took everything that made Goldeneye awesome and made it twelve times better! The only reason I finally bought the RAM Expansion Pack for my Nintendo 64 was so I could play Perfect Dark. (Luckily it came in handy for Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask as well.)

If you're like me, and spent an ungodly amount of time playing through the story campaign, unlocking multiplayer maps, playing against bots, and doing challenges to unlock the "classic" weapons. Well then, you're going to dig this "making of" video that Rare released of Perfect Dark.

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