RAW DATA Becomes First VR Best Seller On Steam

VR has it's first best seller appear on the Steam marketplace. The game Raw Data, which is still in early access, is at the second highest position on the best sellers list according to VG247.

Raw Data is a solo (or co-op) shooter that has players shooting or slashing evil Synth looking robots.

Essentially you're playing a rail shooter without moving on rails. The lack of movement is a downside but there is plenty here to lay the groundwork for future VR shooters. For example, the ability to toss a gun from one hand to the other?! That's incredible! Can you imagine playing a game in the future and having a buddy run out of ammo and you being able to physically toss them more or a spare weapon?

I'm not entirely sure if this game is so popular because it's really good, or it's just the best VR can offer at the moment. With big developers really just now starting to get into the development game it's safe to say we're going to see this technology evolve infinitely 5 years out.

That said, for the tech we have right now this game looks pretty sweet. If you're looking to pick it up click here.