RED DEAD REDEMPTION: Broken Online with Backwards Compatibility

Red Dead Redemption has been a firm favourite on Microsoft's Backward Compatibility List for Xbox One ever since Microsoft began taking suggestions via it. On Friday (July 8th), Rockstar Games finally released the multi-award winning title for Backwards Compatibility, much to the appreciation of fans who have been requesting this, or a Red Dead Redemption Remaster for next-gen consoles or PC.

Released in May 2010, the game is set in a fictional portrayal of the American West, and bordering Mexico during 1911, and focuses on the decline of the American Frontier (which by 1912 had almost entirely died out). Playing as John Marston, a former outlaw out to kill members of an old gang in return for the safe return for his wife and son who have been taken hostage by the government in ransom for his skills... The game promises lots of horseback riding and gunfights outside saloons in what essentially could be titled "Grand Theft Auto: Wild West Stories".

Red Dead Redemption seems to be more optimised to run on the Xbox One's simulated Xbox 360, running more smoothly and with load times that are sometimes as much as halved. Although the offline portion of the game runs flawlessly with no severe bugs, the online portion of the game is essentially broken: NPCs such as people in towns, people riding horse & carriage along roads and enemies in gang hideout don't spawn leading to bugs including XP glitching; Other player's characters sometimes don't appear in the game and only on the minimap, and when they do appear in the game gun-fighting doesn't seem to negate health; Load times to connect to servers or respawning seem to be up to three times as slow.

Red Dead Redemption fans are now calling for Rockstar Games to release a patch for the Xbox 360 version of the game, from where these severe online bugs and glitches first arose back in 2014. Red Dead Redemption is currently on sale at $7.49 for Xbox Live Gold members and $10.49 for everyone who doesn't have Xbox Live Gold, which is a steal... And it's DLC packs with the exception of Undead Nightmare (which is $9.99) are completely free. Time to get the guns loaded and the horse saddled up, I guess?

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