Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is an arcade flight sim that put players in the cockpit of many classic Star Wars vehicles. Released back in 1998 On the Nintendo 64, Rogue Squadron has been met with a positive reception for the 20 years it has been on the market. A PC port followed shortly after the original N64 release and thanks to modern store fronts like Steam and it is readily available for the public to get a hold of.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is divided up into 4 chapters with a total of 19 missions to complete. Each mission has its own set of objectives and goals to accomplish. Rogue Squadron also features a medal system to award players for completing missions. Depending on how well you do in a mission you can earn a bronze, silver or gold medal. Medals are determined by time, kills, accuracy, friendlies alive and for collecting level bonuses if they appear in a stage. This guide will contain commented video walkthroughs of each chapter along with a brief overview of each mission.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 has five missions to introduce players to Rogue Squadron.

Mission 1: Ambush at Mos Eisley

It is a sunny day on Tatooine but the calm desert sands come under attack by Imperial Probe Droids!

Mission 2: Rendezvous on Barkesh

After the loss of Yavin Base the rebels are in desperate need of supplies. It is up to Rogue Squadron to make sure they arrive safely!

Mission 3: The Search for the Nonnah

The Nonnah has crashed and it is up to you to find it before the Imperials do!

Mission 4: Defection at Corellia

Crix Madine is wanting to defect to the Rebel Alliance. The Imperials will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening!

Mission 5: Liberation of Gerrard V

The Imperial Governor is looting the city. Defend the Y-Wings sent to disable the yachts and restore peace to Gerrard V!

Chapter 2

Mission 6: The Jade Moon

Kasan Moor has defected to the Rebel Alliance after the events on Gerrard V. She is now providing Rogue Squadron imperial targets to raid!

Mission 7: Imperial Construction Yards

Kasan has provided another sensitive Imperial target to attack, the AT-AT and AT-ST construction yards!

Mission 8: Assault on Kile II

Kasan has revealed the location of a hidden Imperial space port on Kile II. Go take it out!

Mission 9: Rescue on Kessel

During the Kile II assault Wedge Antilles was shot down and captured by the Imperials. He has now been transported to Kessel and is on route to a secure prison facility. Rescue Wedge before while he is on route to the prison!

Mission 10: Prisons of Kessel

Now that Wedge has been rescued provide cover for a commando team that is liberating other prisons located on Kessel.

Chapter 3

Mission 11: Battle Above Taloraan

The imperials are using the Tibanna Gas mined at Taloraan to fuel their weapons. Go in fast and disrupt their mining operations!

Mission 12: Escape From Fest

Several AT-PT’s have been liberated on the planet Fest. Fly in and provide cover for the retreating AT-PT’s!

Mission 13: Blockade on Chandrila

The imperials are blockading Chandrila. Escort the supply train that is attempting to bring supplies into the city and liberate chandrila!

Mission 14: Raid on Sullust

A large Imperial power source is hidden inside a volcano on Sullust. Fly in and take it out!

Mission 15: Moff Seerdon’s Revenge

Moff Seerdon has attacked Thyferra the main storage of Rebel medical supplies. Head to Thyferra and sto Seerdon for good!

Chapter 4 + Bonus Missions

Mission 16: The Battle of Calamari

The Imperial Remnant are using World Devastators to destroy the planet of Mon Calamari. It is up to Rogue Squadron to protect the planet!

Bonus 1: Beggars Canyon

Race through Beggars Canyon against other members of Rogue Squadron!

Bonus 2: The Death Star Trench Run

Fly down the trench of the Death Star and take out its main reactor before it can destroy the Rebel Base on Yavin IV!

Bonus 3: The Battle of Hoth

The Imperials have landed on Hoth and are attempting to destroy the shield generator. Stop them!