Review: Big, Bad, and Bold Gaming With The KLIPSCH R-15PM and R-10SW

Intro and Design

For decades, Klipsch has been making a name for themselves across the audio universe with striking design, solid construction, and crystal clear audio and a no-nonsense type attitude on themselves and the products they release. We thought we'd give the KLIPSCH R-15PM paired with the R-10SW subwoofer a pace through our gaming lab and see how our picky nerd ears would respond.

First off, make no mistake, this is a gorgeous set of audio goodness but it is not compact by any means. You better have plenty of desk space to house these puppies and fat corner of the room to place the booming R-10SW sub as well. Everything looks and feels absolutely top notch when you unbox your Klipsch products and with tons of audio inputs, including optical, it was a snap hooking up our gaming PC and PS4 Pro. It was also extremely simple to setup via Bluetooth as well for us to pound some tunes through them as well. 


So after drooling over the sheer quality and good yet hefty looks, it was time to put this little setup to the test. SKYRIM, BATTLEFIELD 1, and SNIPER ELITE 4 were just a few of the titles that I blasted through the R-15PM set alone and boy oh boy, was it impressive. Big, bold, and boisterous (I love that word) were some of the words that popped into my mind while running through the paces. I was shocked at how crystal clear everything sounded in the games I tested but also a little surprised that there wasn't more low end coming from speakers this big. No worries, after pairing up the R-10SW that's where things really got exciting.

You haven't heard stunning sound until you pair SNIPER ELITE 4 with a solid set of speakers and a quality sub.

The subwoofer adds the punch and low end that you will never heard just from a pair of bookshelf speakers alone. While I was impressed the speakers themselves, no matter what game, movie, or music I threw at it, the sub was really needed to fill in that low end and man does it absolutely pound your room with thundering lows that make all the difference in gaming and something you'll never get with those chintzy headphones. Wind bristles through trees, bullets whiz past your eyes and with a quality sound card, like the SOUND BLASTER ZXR, you will be blown away.

Value and Conclusion

Make no mistake, when you pay for Klipsch, you pay for absolutely top notch quality. That is how I'd best describe this stunning set together: Absolutely and sheer gaming audio quality. Once again, while we definitely were impressed with the R-15PM but it wasn't until we added the sub where things really popped and together, with the wireless kit, we had a room bursting with absolute marvelous sound. That took our score down a notch along with the price will scare some away but if you want one of the best combos in quality gaming audio, that also doubles as a music and movie setup, this is it. The R-10SW really adds a whole new dimension and will blow you away and that is why our score landed where it did in the end. Scores aside, my ears and inner geek are extremely satisfied and that is all that counts.