Review — The CORSAIR VOID SURROUND Headset Truly Envelops

Intro and Design

Corsair needs no introduction to practically anyone and we've been pimping Corsair RAM and PSUs in our review rigs for years. That would explain why I was completely stoked, though to be quite honest, reluctant to try yet another surround gaming headset. Enter the VOID (Hey, cool tagline!), Corsair's newest entry in a vast selection of headset and audio products. Like I said, I get the pleasure and sometimes pain, of testing a lot of headphones and especially headsets. Most are usually gimmicky, cheap surround knockoffs that are usually uncomfortable and/or sound average to horrific. I was hopeful for the VOID and right off the bat, I knew I was in for something different.

First off, the set just looks fantastic. It's familiar but something totally different as you can see from the shots shown here. It's practical but it looks pretty frickin' sweet. The volume control is is on a large, easy to get to wheel and the mic rotates quite easily depending on how you want to use it. After geeking out to the looks and overall design, I was stunned as I slipped these puppies on and they are a bit odd shaped but oh how comfy they are! How comfortable? Comfortable enough to sit on your keester for hours on end, game 'til your eyes bleed and you still will barely notice them on your melon. Overall, these are a unique, gorgeous, extremely comfortable and well designed. 


Ok, so I was pleasantly surprised with the VOIDs overall but once again, I don't care how purty and comfortable they are if they sound like absolute garbage. Surprisingly, the included 7.1 USB sound card installed in a snap, even in Windows 7, and immediately I was rocking in game. From Grim Dawn to Fallout 4 to The Flame in the Flood, I was truly enveloped in the audio being pumped into my 'drums. Incredible! A headset that finally puts you smack dab in the middle of action but won't break the bank. Color me impressed.

After running the VOIDs through the paces, I started to notice the sound, while stunning in a surround sense, sounded a little flat for 50mm drivers. Sure enough, after installing the Corsair Utility Engine and tweaking the EQ, these babies really started to shine. The flat, somewhat dull out of the box sound was truly stunning for a headset in this price range. Lows dug deep, mids and highs sounded delighted as we bashed and blasted the enemies on screen. Daddy Likey.

Value and Conclusion

After reviewing so many pieces of audio, you could say that I've become quite jaded to the plethora of options available to gamers today. That being said, the VOID Surround is truly a standout value on the headset market today. Now, if you want to unlock the full potential, you will definitely want to tweak the EQ as mentioned but honestly, that is just a matter of preference and with the utility mentioned, quite simple. While I prefer a much more full, rich sound out of the box, retailing at around $79 USD at the time of writing, this is a no-brainer purchase, especially if you want to be surrounded by all the chaos and excitement of whatever game you play. Barbie Horse Adventures? Oh, I'm sure that sounds great as well and we won't tell a soul. You can check out more features and specs on the VOID at the main product page.