Review - FOR HONOR

For Honor was probably one of the most talked about games with over 3 million beta participants. A few weeks later For Honor has lost over half of it's player base from steam according to a Githyp report. I noticed this impact as well when searching for multiplayer games. Will Ubisoft change anything to lure players back or ensure them to continue playing?


For Honor definitely has a learning curve with it's unique combat system. The combat requires a lot of patience and timing similar to other fighting games. You have the ability to choose the direction of your attack, if the opponent is blocking in the same direction your attack is blocked. Spamming buttons will ensure your opponent an easy victory over you. 


The graphics are gorgeous! The visuals of the game dynamics and scenery are very appealing to the eyes. The graphics are probably the most positive thing you could take away from this game.


Overall For Honor is a great game that provides a little bit a uniqueness to the competitive games that are currently on the market. If you are debating on buying the game, I personally would wait to see if Ubisoft does anything to keep the players interested in coming back to play the game.