Review: Human Fall Flat (PS4)

Bringing a new style and approach to the puzzle/platform genre of gaming is this interesting Curve Digital game called Human Fall Flat! This game originally launched back in July 2016 on Steam, but it is now on consoles as well.


The character itself is a wobbly, barely able to stand up designed character that you have to go through various obstacles and puzzling areas to complete each section of the game.

It got rather frustrating when you came up to a difficult part of the level because when you fall it drops you back at your last checkpoint and simply getting the character to stand up is problematic.

The controls for the game was an issue all of its own. Very difficult to work with and made what should of been basic tasks into a difficult chore. To put it simply; you should never make the camera angle control as a way to use a function of the character in the game.

All that said, the game itself is fun once you get the hang of it and the puzzles you face are both challenging and fair. Some are harder than others, but what good puzzle game doesn't make the player get stuck every once in awhile?


The whole game was made with low poly graphics which made it have a cartoonish style look to it, which was very appropriate for this game. Even the character was a blank model of a character, but yet enough options in the customize section to let you make an outfit out of a few different choices. Even the characters body and cloth colors are able to be changed!

Aesthetically, it was very pleasing and didn't take away from the silly, yet difficult, gameplay it offers. Helped keep focus on the way go; which is needed considering that you don't get hints through the game.


The music that played through the game was nice and calming with an epic change to it that made for a more dramatic moment. It's humorous when the dramatic moment happens right as you solve a section of the level that you were having trouble with in the first place.

The sound effects of the game had their own comedic value to them since the sound you make when you hit a wall usually refers to your character hitting his head on the wall. The fire and water sound effects alone were better than expected, given the graphic levels. They made all the sound pieces fit in accordance with how the game was designed rather well.


Seeing how each level can be completed in a few different ways, it would be interesting to try and go back to complete a level in a way you haven't before. There are also a few trophies for completing tasks and levels in a specific way, for those who hunt the achievements.

Other than that, once you know what to do the puzzle aspect is gone and it becomes just a platformer. But due to the possibilities that you can complete this game, speedruns will be an interesting set up to watch people figure out and try to cut as much time to beat the latest world record.

What They Could Have Done Better

The controls should have been changed and updated to something much better. Looking up to raise my hands and looking down to lower them is complete crap for a control set up. If you don't agree, play the water level and row the boat that you HAVE TO USE to start this level off... its just purely awful!

The tutorial videos were rather funny and helped when they showed up, but you don't find them in any of the later parts of the game. Now the reason I think this is even an issue is because each level presents its own unique challenge, whether that be wire plug in to using various boats on the water there are things that would of been nice to know how to use properly while trying to figure my way through your levels.

Check out the first part of my playthrough:


It's a lot of fun and proves to be very challenging, but the controls are awful and could use a reconstruction. It's definitely one to have if you are a fan of puzzle or platform gaming and will be worth your time.