Review — SKULLCANDY HESH 2 WIRELESS are Simply Sweet

Intro and Design

Ahhh.. Skullcandy! Such a sweet name for a company that has taken the audio world by storm. I was uber impressed with their setup, style, and people working their chill spot at CES. They spoiled all of us geek-types with demos, walkthroughs, and Asian Massages. Joking on the massage part but everything else is the truth! I was pretty stoked to receive the HESH 2 WIRELESS and even more eager to run it through the paces.

Right off, the camo with orange eyebrows around here in a curious sort of way. The more I handle them, the more I like them as they are unique from most cans out there. After easily unpacking and pairing these bad boys with my iPhone, I started rocking the tunes. Immediately I was stunned with the extreme comfort I was feeling. More on that later but also the different play/pause, volume controls, etc were a snap to use. Overall, an extremely simple but effectively designed set.


After confirming that the HESH 2 WIRELESS are some of the most comfortable headphones to date, I was super eager to put the audio quality to the test. I always start off with Summit from Skrillex. Haters, you can suck it because that track has some amazing highs, mids and lows to rock your noggin. Amazingly, a smooth, balanced sound filled my 'drums and put a smile on my face. The highs were clear, the mids not too shabby, and bass was deep without being too muddy (that usually is the case in this price range).

Things got a little more difficult to render on this set when I turned on Within by Daft Punk. The mids struggled a bit but this is also so full of different ranges, few sets can do it well but Doin' it Right sounded delicious and deep yet a bit muddy on the low end. I moved right on to gaming tests to really see what they could, because games = life. I'm ecstatic to say that gaming is the HESH 2's biggest strength! From Fallout 4 to Layers of Fear, the balance of this set is perfectly suited for bombastic gaming audio bliss. Gunshots, explosions, and the echo of war sounded sublime.

Value and Conclusion

Ok, listen up you primitive screwheads! I was honestly shocked, in a good way of how much I enjoyed these cans. They are extremely simply to use, an absolute joy to wear, and for gaming especially, sweet to pump your head full of gaming goodness. For music, they struggled a bit in rendering some of the more difficult tracks I threw at it but overall, not too shabby, especially for the price which is around 99 bucks. If you are looking for a well-designed, no frills set that you want to primarily game on for long periods of time, check out the HESH 2 WIRELESS ASAP.