REVIEW: The Best MicroSD Card for the Nintendo Switch

Correction: It's MB/s, not Mb/s as said starting @ 1:00

While I was very excited to get this product in for review, I still had reservations. There are several 256GB micro SD cards, but they are not all created equal. After using and testing this product though, I threw all my reservations out the window. The LX series micro SD cards are your premium option, and for good reason.


In the quick hit video above, I had mentioned the performance improvement as compared to the Kingston Action. The Patriot micro SDXC performed better than the Kingston micro SDXC in all tests. I had said Mb/s, when I should have said MB/s. That is a huge difference. The PATRIOT LX Series 256GB micro SDXC card read and writes so quickly. 90 MB/s both read and write!

This is absolutely the best large capacity micro SD card on the market. The price for these kind of micro SD cards are not cheap, so if you are going to splurge on a 256GB, splash a bit more cash for the better card.

Build Quality

The Patriot micro SDXC's are strong. Believe it or not, I have broken SD and Micro SD card when trying to insert them. Not really your everyday thought, but definitely depressing if it happens. When you purchase the 256GB micro SDXC from Patriot, it comes with an SD adapter. This has become the common place these days, but some merchants no longer include the adapters. The adapter has a locking option as well.

What It Could Do Better

There really isn't anything serious that needs to change. The only complaint is the price, which is $169.99. It's around $20-$30 more than some of their competition, but then again, it's the fasted I have tested.


If you have a Nintendo Switch, NVidia Shield, or play games on a phone or tablet, the Patriot LX Series 256GB Micro SDXC is the best possible choice. Tons of storage, super fast speeds, durable and reliable. It also comes with Patriots 2 year limited warranty. Since most content is digital these days, I would recommend the product 10 times out of 10.

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