Review — The DXRacer Tank Series is Your Next Gaming Throne

Intro and Design

We here at the GameTyrant are getting inundated with amazing gears and games. #FirstWorldProblems -- So, yeah, DXRacer. Pretty much the pinnacle of gaming chairs that started way back in 2003 (!) making racing style chairs and have since exploded onto the scene with a ton o' options. We were lucky enough to receive the new Tank Series PC gaming chair is the largest offering in DXRacer history, the OH/TB29/NE to be exact.  To say I was stoked to receive the package at the office could be labeled as a gross understatement.

This is chair is immense. It's also extremely solid. Did I mention big? Let's just say you could fit a big ol' dude in here or even two small dudes. Is that a bad thing? Not even close. This is pretty much like a gaming throne and I am The King. That's right. This isn't some pansy Office Depot chair or even an overpriced fake leather chair that I am currently using. This is a chair that can adjusted, tweaked and even leaned back for a nap. Hey, all these games aren't going to play themselves and daddy needs a break once in a while! Phew, anyway, I love the design of this chair and it's extreme flexibility. Headrest, lumbar support, tilt; it's all here baby and the quality and sturdiness of it all is insane.


How do we measure performance in a chair? Well, how long and comfortably can you sit your keester for hours on end? Taking my lumps, I had to test it out to make sure. "Sorry honey, I'm testing this new DXRacer chair, I can't be interrupted whilst gaming today!" Yeah, that's right. We sacrifice so you, our audience, doesn't have to. Anywho, this is one solid, sturdy but extremely comfortable chair. Wait, what? Solid yet comfy? Yeah, that's what I said. You have to adjust slowly to this work of art for your posterior because this is high quality PU leather, fancy terms for doesn't change shape, doesn't sag, etc. but still is comfy for long gaming bouts and oh man, was it ever. The adjustable armrests were easy to use and all in all, this is just a sweet chair and especially for big boys.

Value and Conclusion

Well, my first experience with DXRacer has been an extremely pleasant one. Make no mistake, it does take some getting used to after coming from a lumpy, uneven office chair that most of us gamers may be used to. This is a solid piece of engineering from top to bottom that will last you a very, very long time. That type of quality doesn't come cheap, over $500 at time of writing but it's a single investment that you may never have to replace. I call that, along with all the features and huge size a major plus. It's a good time to be a gamer and even a better time to have your butt in the best gaming chairs out there. You can check out more details and specs at the DXRacer page right here