Ridley Scott Developing Virtual Reality Experience For ALIEN: COVENANT

Ridley Scott and Fox are teaming up to bring you a virtual reality experience we are sure will not disappoint! Variety reports Scott and the Fox innovation lab have announced they will be releasing a virtual reality experience that will accompany the upcoming film Alien: Covenant. The project is described as a "dread-inducing journey into the Alien universe". 

Another statement from the press release states that you'll experience true terror as you navigate through the Alien universe and make decisions that could potentially mean life or death. Sounds awesome right?!

This will be Scott's and Fox Innovation Lab's second VR title based around a film. The team also worked on a VR experience that coincided with The Martian that is currently available on all commercial VR platforms. Many complained that the VR experience was pretty lackluster and way overpriced at a steep $20 considering all you did was wander Mars and recreate moments from the film. 

If Fox is planning on charging that much again, let's hope they can put a little more effort into the experience this time! I would love to accidentally pee my pants playing this game because a Xenomorph scared me so bad! 

It's tough to make a regular Alien game entertaining, do you think Scott and Fox can pull off a VR experience? What's your dream scenario for this project?