ROCKET LEAGUE Xbox One Rating Leaked

Psyonix has been in an interesting deal with PlayStation with their hugely successful kart racing soccer game, Rocket League. It was a huge sleeper title until it exploded into popularity after being featured as a free title on PS+. While it has seen a rather successful PC release as well the company has sort of had its hands tied as far as pushing it to other devices. In an interview a with Red Bull last month Psyonix CEO and studio director Dave Hagewood was asked whether or not Rocket League would see an Xbox One release or not. His reply was vague, but rather telling.

 I can't say. We're looking at all kinds of platforms and there may be some announcements coming up at some point. Hopefully before the end of the year, but I can't confirm that.

Well a game ratings board association in Taiwan let slip that they were rating a copy of Rocket League on the Xbox One. While not a 100% confirmation, it is a safe bet that we are going to see this great all-ages multiplayer throw-down make its way onto Microsoft's console very soon!

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