Rumor: FABLE LEGENDS Might Still Happen Despite Lionhead Closure

Lionhead is dead and gone, and while most of its freelancers have been cut from staff, that's not necessarily the case for Fable Legends. MCV is reporting from three independent sources at Microsoft that contracted employees are being surveyed as to whether they'd like to take their redundancy package and leave at April's end, or if they would rather continue working on Fable Legends.

One source said this was due to the whisperings that Lionhead staff had been discussing the possibility of becoming an independent studio and releasing the game under their brand, but the other two sources said they knew nothing about that.

It would be cool to see Fable Legends completed, but not if it means people are opting out of their severance only to be fired after the game is done and given nothing. Some employees have already been offered jobs at other studios, so I can't blame them for wanting to look out for themselves as opposed to pleasing the game community. What's your take?