Rumor: Nintendo Delaying Mass Production Of NX To Include Virtual Reality

Digitimes is saying Nintendo is delaying mass production of its NX console in order to incorporate Virtual reality into the console's functionality. No solid source is listed (which is rare in gaming rumors anyway these days) other than they came from the "upstream supply chain" working on the console.

Originally the NX was scheduled to enter mass production now, and would be shipped out to customers shortly before next year's E3. Now, with the changes to the consoles mold it looks like production will not begin until late 2016 to early 2017.

Nintendo also halved their original order of created consoles from 20 million to 10 million. Whether that was to save money or save time is not immediately clear.

It's definitely a smart move to add virtual reality to NX if it was not possible yet, but you gotta wonder what all this thing will do at this point! Virtual reality, mobile gaming, home console? Sounds like a very tall order to fill for a company that is coming off a weak console. Hopefully they can pull it off.