Rumor: Nintendo Developing Next Gen Handheld Separate From NX Codenamed "MH"

Yet another Nintendo rumor is being thrown our way pre-E3 with rumblings of a next gen handheld in the works. Nintendo Life reports that a Japanese Yahoo article has surfaced saying the company has plans for a stand-alone handheld separate from the NX which has also been speculated to have mobile qualities. More specifically, their source comes from this Twitter translator...

The translation reads as follows...

By doing things like changing money order premises, forecasts from FY March 2017 to FY March 2020 are being revised downwards. The driving force for economic growth has been switched from previous new businesses like "Health service, Theme park & Mobile games" to the next generation game console NX and next generation portable game console MH (Tentative title). There is no change in mid-term growth scenario.
Things being predicted from now on are new factors to profit impact when NX and MH are to be fully announced, and monetization of mobile games. If the skepticism on these can be wiped away, there is a high chance that their stocks will be greatly revalued, and as a premise for long-term investment, now is perhaps the [best] entry timing [to invest here].

Before you ask, no, no one knows what "MH" could stand for. Honestly, that doesn't matter because Nintendo 100% of the time changes their in-development console names before launch. While this news does sound plausible, there are detractors on the internet who say the article is making speculation without stating it in the article.

My take? If Nintendo is doing something like that, we better hear about it at E3. It's absolutely stupid that they are so spin-control heavy on releasing information that they are opting out of THE BIGGEST video game convention in the world to not show their new console which launches before the next E3! It's this backward "we control the info" that kills hype and generates useless console sales like the Wii-U. I've stood by Nintendo for many years and purchased every console from SNES on, but I can't get behind this pig-headed behavior. I won't purchase in blind faith again Nintendo, show us something!