Rumor: Nintendo NX Will feature A Social Share Button

A recent rumor is floating around the web that Nintendo will be featuring a social share button on it's newest NX platform. Let's Play Video Games brings us the news along with the additional information that the platform will have a "split D-pad". That is to say, each button will be similar in style to the PS4 controller as opposed to the typical cross pattern Nintendo uses. The social button would also be taking a note from the PS4 controller. 

I'm not saying this is legit, but it would make sense for Nintendo to have a share button. Uploading game's through PS4 automatically smacks a copyright on all game footage you upload so I would imagine Nintendo with all it's worrying about people profiting off their content would be all too eager to capitalize on something like that. What's more interesting is that the NX is sounding more and more like the competition with each report that leaks out. 

Of course, this is still a rumor, and I will be very eager to see what features end up being legit when this thing is finally revealed.