Rumor: Sony Developing A "PS4.5" To Run Games At 4K

Sony is supposedly currently working on a major graphical update to it's PS4 according to Kotaku. The site claims they've had confirmation from two sources who work as developers in the industry, and that there was supposedly a meeting between Sony and developers at GDC to discuss this very technology.

The move is not surprising, as Sony has consistently been known to update their consoles throughout their lifespan, but the graphical update is! The rumor is that Sony is aiming for their "PS4.5" to run at 4K resolution to better compete with PC VR systems.

While it's not confirmed, speculation would lead to thinking this upgrade will likely come in the form of a new console system, and not an upgrade you could add to an existing PS4. I would also imagine this upgraded PS4 would come at a larger price tag than current market price.

While I don't want to immediately jump on the "it's true" bandwagon, the move doesn't sound out of line with Sony and it only makes sense considering Xbox has announced their intention to do basically the same thing coming up. What's your take on it?